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I am very excited to share with you three new items that I have recently used with great success.  We are presently selling two of these three phenomenal products, and pray they do as much for you as they have for us.  


Prevagen is one of the most promising products I have EVER gotten my hands on and I am so impressed with what it is doing that I am now carrying it to make it available to you.  Prevagen is a protein that is specifically for the brain, increasing word recalls, the ability to remember items on a shopping list, you no longer walk into a room and forget why, you remember names and faces better, improves the ability to learn better and aids in promoting better sleep.

I know this is true because we have tested it ourselves and so have several of my clients with phenomenal results.  I am almost 75 years old and have experienced all of the above symptoms as many of you have.  I know because you have asked me for help which I couldn’t give until now.  I have several dogs that I have raised and owned for years, yet I was having trouble remembering their names when I needed to call them in a hurry; I started having problems getting out words and phrases in the middle of sentences; I had to write everything down or I would forget what I went to the store for and even then, I’d forget to look at the list so had to go back again and again: and of course the going into a room and trying to remember why I went there, were all symptoms that were beginning to concern me.  I STARTED TAKING THE EXTRA STRENGTH PILL, ONE A DAY, AND WITHIN TWO WEEKS, ALL OF THESE SYMPTOMS BEGAN TO CLEAR UP.  I am thrilled to say that I am also sleeping a little better, too. 

I am particularly thrilled with what it is doing for my niece.  Her parents raised on fast food, lots of sugar and no whole foods.  She struggled all through school, yet couldn’t remember much of what she was learning.  She had been labeled “learning disabled” so she decided to come stay with me for awhile to learn how to care for animals.  Even though she has eaten mostly whole, fresh foods and lots of vegetables and good protein since living with me, she still seemed to be in a fog.  She was very slow in speech, and slow to catch on to things she was being taught.  In attempting to get her driver’s license, she had a problem with coordinating how to do two things at once and her reaction time was horrible, dangerously slow.  When I was thinking about her problems I remembered how I had treated other children who were considered learning disabled who were also being fed this same kind of diet but vastly improved once we fed them right and removed most of the sugar and heavy carbohydrates.  Since learning of Prevagen and the need for brain protein, it suddenly dawned on me that her brain had never been fed properly, so I decided to see what a good brain protein, enhancer would do for her.  She started on the Prevagen and within THREE DAYS, was much more alert, (no more foggy brain), spoke more clearly and faster, her driving is improving daily as she is responding quickly to situations, and much of her anxiety has gone away. She also is doing fabulously in remembering how to clean and care for the animals.  She is remembering what she is learning and excited now about the future.  She is staying on Prevagen for awhile as she is hoping to go to College and become a Veterinary technician which I believe she can now attain. I have had several of my clients try it for memory that has come back to me with wonderful news.  “IT WORKS”   If you are having problems with sleeping and mild memory difficulties, or your children or children you know are having problems learning, you may want to remove most of the sugars and heavy carbohydrates from their diet, and take the mild form of Prevagen, 10 mg. per capsule, one capsule per day, it is $39.95 for a month’s supply.  If you want to see faster results or believe you are having more than mild problems, try the extra strength capsule of 20 mg. per day, at $59.95 for a month’s supply.  Of course for you who have your subscriptions current, the 10% discount applies, but no wholesale prices are available.  I am excited to be able to finally provide something that will help so many of you who are having memory or learning difficulties.


The second item I want to share with you is the electro stimulator Massager that alleviates pain like nothing I have ever seen before.  It is the size of a small cell phone with two wires you attach to a pad that adheres around the area where you are experiencing pain and the charger to recharge when the battery gets low.  In just a couple of sessions on the machine, the pain either subsides or disappears completely.  I know that there are other machines that are similar and I have tried them, but nothing has worked like this little machine.  I had pain in the thumb of my right hand making it difficult to bend and use the thumb and after only two treatments, the pain was gone.  A friend had a similar problem with a thumb that she could not even use or bend.  In only two treatments, her thumb was bending with no problem and no pain.  Another client had a stroke that left her with a great deal of pain in her shoulders, unable to lift her arm to shoulder level and had pain in various parts of her body.  In just a few treatments the pain was gone in her shoulder and she can lift her arm above her head again.  Back problems are greatly relieved.  My niece, who had suffered a whiplash, had the pain in her neck pain disappear in one treatment!  Another friend had severe knee pain so badly that she had to sit with hot pads on her knees or her legs would give out.  She tried the machine and in only two treatments the pain was so much improved, she bought her own.  This is safe for everyone  except those people with heart conditions.  The machine sells for $175.00 but we are offering it for $125.00 with the usual 10% discount to subscribers.  For what it does it has been worth every penny, cheaper and safer and more effective than drugs.


Wow, have I been pleased with COCONUT OIL.  My big Belgian Tervuren, 65 pounds, was having a terrible time with constantly itching and chewing.  We couldn’t find any fleas on him and no reason to be so “itchy”.  I tried other things, but nothing helped so I decided to take a friend’s suggestion and try Coconut Oil.  I gave him a tablespoon per day and in three days the itching stopped completely.  I decided to try rubbing it on a rash I had on my leg and it greatly improved the situation.  It was pretty expensive in the past, but I was delighted to find it in larger buckets at Costco.  The animals LOVE IT, so it is easy to get them to eat it.  They even beg for it when they smell it when I am cooking since I use it for everything now, frying foods, in my coffee and wherever I need oil.  There has been a lot of information out there lately about the benefits of coconut oil, most of which is true, so get some and try it.  It enhances the flavor of what you add it to or cook fry in it. 


Many of you have asked if there is anything I know of that could help lower blood pressure.  Until now, I have had to answer, “No”, but I did find something in the paper today about a nutrient that works. I am quoting partially from the article written by Drs. Oz and Roizen.  “Potassium may be the missing mystery mineral in your own better-blood-pressure equation.  Just one in 50 Americans gets enough of this good stuff, found in abundance in almost all produce, dairy products and beans.  Potassium actively lowers blood pressure, in large part by buffering salt’s efforts to jack it up.  Every 600-milligram increase in the amount of potassium you eat every day (that’s less than a cup of cooked spinach) lowers your blood pressure by one point.  And that’s not all it does: It also helps with nerve functioning and muscle control.  For the 60% of Americans who have high blood pressure and prehypertension, most of us get twice as much sodium as potassium.  A healthy balance between these two minerals should go the other way, with two to five times more potassium than sodium.  Righting the balance is not that hard to do, and it could help you live longer.  No wonder the World Health Organization recently called for a global increase in potassium intake. The average daily need of potassium is 4,700mg. The best food sources are Kale, collards, mustard greens, spinach, romaine lettuce, any green vegetable, white potatoes, bananas and fresh orange juice.”  Try taking a straight potassium tablet or better yet, we have it in a water solution from Water Oz that makes it 99% absorbed.  Potassium is essential for good heart health too, especially if you are taking Lasik which causes excess fluid to drain from the body resulting in potassium deficiency.  That in turn causes irregular heartbeats.  I have a dog with congestive heart failure.  The vet put him on Lasik and a heart pill along with my heart and blood vessel formula, but he continued to have heart spells and a lot of coughing.  Finally I realized I’d forgotten the potassium so I started adding a teaspoon of the liquid form to his food and all symptoms have stopped.  He is doing great for an old boy.    

Remember, we have many fine health products on our shelves such as an arthritis cure, pain relief, immune builders and much, much more.  If you need a new catalogue, just contact us and we’ll be happy to send you one. 

Well, I think that is enough for now.  Keep in touch and let me know if there is anything we can do to help you.                        


Bea Lydecker

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December 1, 2012                         CHRISTMAS GREETING 2012

From Beatrice Lydecker-Hayford

Dear Friends:     

Due to time limits, this letter will double as my personal Christmas letter and some new information that I feel all of you, should know about.  It has been learned that about 30 percent of Alzheimer and dementia patients don’t have those problems, but really have a treatable condition, easily diagnosed but over looked, called normal pressure hydrocephalus (NPH).   I cover this in detail on pages two and three of this letter.  It will be a short letter, but please know I am thinking of all of you this holiday season.  Unfortunately this is the hardest time of the year for me because last year at this time my beloved husband went home to be with the Lord.   Needless to say, I am having a hard time missing my best friend, my lover, my companion and the best thing that ever happened to me.  I know several of you who have also lost loved ones will also be having a hard time this year and with the downturn in the economy, it is a double whammy, but I wish all of you peace and comfort in the coming days.  I pray that God will send you those around you who will be there to comfort, encourage and strengthen you through the holidays.  Life gets hard sometimes, but we can thank God for the season because it reminds us that He gave His beloved Son to die for our sins so that we wouldn’t have to pay the price, this  Son Who’s birth we celebrate. 

This has really been a hard year for many of us.  I went through a nightmare with the Animal Control that changed the rules about kennels then came after me with over $9,000 in fines because of the new rules.  With much legal battles, that has finally been resolved, mostly because we used our votes and voted out the culprits who did this to us and put in people more understanding and favorable towards animals.  Then strange food borne bacteria hit my kennel killing my best and most valuable show dog, killed my sweetest pet and nearly killed about nine more of them.  It was a nightmare isolating the bacteria, and we never did find the source.  It was around the clock treatments to get it stopped, but we finally did.  It just seemed like this past year has been nothing but one problem and heartache after another.  I tried to help a friend get on his feet by bringing him to stay here for awhile over the summer, but unfortunately all he did was add stress because he wouldn’t give up his drugs which were making him act irrational and at times, violent.  Since we have a zero tolerance of drugs here on the property, we had to send him packing.  It was hard because we love people and hurt to see them destroying their lives, but I guess we all have to make our own decisions and live by them.  The bright light is the Blessings God has sent.  First, my niece came to live with me for awhile.  I have noticed in my mid 70’s that I just don’t have the strength and stamina to do all I used to do.  I am thankful that she is young and strong and doing a wonderful job of learning and working, taking up the slack I just couldn’t do.  She wants to be a Vet Tech, helping care for animals, so she is learning a lot here, getting her driver’s license and all in all, doing a wonderful job working towards a college education.  The Second great blessing is my step son, Paul Jr. and his wife who moved here to take care of me and the property.  They are incredible, able to do all the things his dad, my beloved husband did, but because he is younger, can do them even better.  He is preparing a huge garden of non GMO seeds for next summer, raising calves, chickens and sheep for our own organic meat and eggs, and building and doing repairs that have been so badly needed that my sweetheart just couldn’t do at 80 years of age.  I am sooooo blessed to have them.  I just couldn’t do it without them.  He is very knowledgeable about cars too so was able to help me know exactly what was wrong with my brakes on the car.  They went out in less than 20.000 miles.  I believe the Caliper’s didn’t release the brakes, but stuck and caused the brakes to continue to rub even when I wasn’t using them, wearing the pads and rotors constantly. I knew something had to be wrong as I am fanatical about not using the brakes unless I have to.  I use the engine to slow the car on hills, so I knew there had to be another reason they went out so fast.   It was an expensive repair job, but hopefully it will hold better this time with the new calipers. 




Jimmy Nowell of Clifton, Texas had always been a top-notch salesman.  Locals in search of auto parts knew he could get them exactly what they needed, but in 2000, when he was only 59, Nowell’s speech, along with his walking, started slowing.  Sometimes he needed a cane.  Later, he became disorganized, losing his train of thought or turning on the computer and freezing, not knowing what to do.  In 2005, he lost his job as a result of his behavior.  Still, Nowell and his wife, Ann, just chalked up the symptoms to old age.

Then in 2007, Nowell started blanking on Ann’s name. In a panic, she dragged her husband to doctor after doctor, but no one could agree on a diagnosis.  One specialist thought Nowell had Parkinson’s disease; another said it was Alzheimer’s.  Finally in 2009, Nowell’s condition was correctly identified when a neurologist took an MRI and compared it to a baseline image taken a few years earlier:  Nowell had normal pressure hydrocephalus (NPH), a condition that occurs when the clear fluid surrounding the brain fails to be reabsorbed, eventually leading to problems with memory, as well as bladder control, and walking (one of the distinguishing signs is a disturbed gait).  The symptoms creep up slowly at first—and when the condition is brought to a doctor’s attention, it’s often misdiagnosed. 

“About 30 percent of my patients were told they had Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s” says Mark Luciano, MD, neurosurgery director at Cleveland Clinic. “Sometimes they were told they were just getting old.”  As a result, it’s tough to know how prevalent NPH truly is, but the Hydrocephalus Association estimates that at least 350,000 Americans—and 5 percent of people with dementia—have the condition.  A 2005 Virginia Commonwealth University paper estimated that 9 percent of patients in assisted—living facilities may have NPH.

The good news is that unlike the vast majority of conditions that cause dementia, NPH can be treated by surgery to reduce pressure in the brain.  The procedure is successful in 85 to 90 percent of the NPH patients as long as they have no complicating factors, like a spinal condition, says Michael Williams, MD director of Sinai Hospital’s Adult Hydrocephalus Center in Baltimore. 

For Nowell, news of a cure was welcome, but also frightening: A dime—size hole would be drilled into his skull and a shunt implanted to drain the excess fluid.  Nevertheless, the Nowells decided to go forward with the surgery.  Upon waking, Jimmy was able to walk without a cane for the first time in years.  When his wife stepped off the elevator, he called out her name without hesitation, and she cried with joy.  Jimmy was back.  Article written by Joanne Chen for Parade magazine, November 11, 2012. 

I hope you remembered to read my last newsletter about the Aluminum in our cookware and Teflon leaching into the foods.  In talking with the researchers who studied the brains of Alzheimer’s patients after they died of course, they found high levels of Aluminum.  People, who are truly looking for the truth, believe that is one of the contributing factors in causing Alzheimers.  Another one is the high amounts of Mercury in all the medications (used as a preservative for medicine, even aspirin) that eventually affect the nervous system of its victims.  That is one of the reasons we recommend using the Zeolite to detox all heavy metals from the system at least once a year as a preventative, and only using iron, stainless steel or glassware for cooking.  Also you need to clean the fluoride from your body too.  The fluoride that is in our water, tooth paste, etc. is not what is found in nature, but a way for the aluminum manufacturer to get rid of the toxic waste from its manufacturing processes. 

The Sale I offered with the free items is still going on until after the first of the year, so come and get it.  Your chance to try new products you wouldn’t normally spend the money on to try. 


            I don’t know if you have noticed lately, but time seems to go so fast. Just the time I think I have everything caught up, I find out I am behind again.  I know this newsletter is overdue, but I hope the information contained herein will be worth the wait. 


      We have been busy making a lot of changes in the warehouse, moving everything to a new location.  In the process, I found some products that we have that we are overloaded with, so have decided to put them on sale.  The sale will be first come first serve and when they are gone, you are welcome to choose from another on the list.  This is your chance to stock up on what you need and try one of those products you have been meaning to try, but just never got around to it.  Now you can try it for free.

WITH A $75.00 order you can pick ONE FREE PRODUCT from the following list:

1.CALMERS; This is the same product for both people and pets, we just use 2 different labels with instructions:

Living Free for people and Love Your Pets for animals.

2. 16 ounce WATERS; Sulfur. Calcium, Zinc, or Magnesium, labels are damaged, content is fine.

3. 100 NERVE and MUSCLE: Helps heal nerves and muscles, removes light headaches, eases minor aches, pains and weakness and gives strength to old animals with soreness or weakness especially in the rear.

4. Yunnan Paiyao: Helps control bleeding internally or externally until you can get to emergency care.

WITH A $100.00 order you can pick one free product from the following list:

1. 32 OUNCE WATERS: water of Life, Germanium for memory, Zinc, an antiviral solution that also promotes healing to the male prostate, any skin or rashes, Selenium and Potassium.

 2. Attend a homeopathic remedy that helps improve memory and is particularly effective with calming    children with ADD or ADDHD; seems to help them focus better

3.  100 NERVE and MUSCLE: Helps heal nerves and muscles, removes light headaches, eases minor aches, pains and weakness and gives strength to old animals with soreness or weakness especially in the rear.

4.  100 Heart and Blood Vessel:  Regulates heart rate and strengthens the heart and circulation.


WITH A $200.00 order you can pick ONE FREE PRODUCT from the following:

1. 100 IMMUNE: raises T Cell counts and builds the immune system in general.

2. 100 INTESTINAL BALANCER: Regulates and balances intestinal upset and helps control                                              diarrhea in people or animals.  Particularly helpful when traveling as change of water or food can upset the digestive system. Will not kill bacterial infections of the intestinal tract but helps restore the natural functions.

WITH A $300 ORDER you can pick one free product from the following

1. A free consultation for one of your pets or you can use it as a gift certificate for a friend accompanied by a free book, “You Too Can Talk with the Animals”.  This is a $75.00 value. 

2. A free book either Seasons or You Too Can Talk with the Animals (book and DVD set) AND EITHER ONE POUND OF DOG VITAMINS OR

FOR ANY ORDER OVER $500.00 You Can Pick One Item From Any Category Above And Also Receive A One Ounce 

Bottle Of Herbal Extract That Kills Any Kind Of Virus, Tumors, TB, And Fungus.

                                                                                                                   NO STICK COOKWARE BEING BANNED

As of January 1, 2014 no one will be able to sell Teflon or any other non stick cookware because of all the chemicals they have discovered in the foods that have leached out of the pans into the food during cooking.  Studies have found that the brains of Alzheimer patients are high in aluminum which is what is believed to be contributing to the disease.  Aluminum cookware and non stick cookware (contains the aluminum plus other chemicals), are considered one of the major contributors to the disease.  When any aluminum or non stick cookware and bake ware are heated to the high temperatures needed to cook food, they leach some of aluminum and chemicals into the food.  Is it not wise to stop using these items now to protect you and your family?  The safest cookware is porcelain, stainless steel, glass and ironware.

Did you know that the fluoride used in our drinking water and in toothpaste is not the natural fluoride found in nature, but is the toxic waste produced in the making of aluminum? They had to do something with it because they had no place to safely dispose of it, so they convinced the government to put it in our drinking water and in toothpaste under the guise of being healthy.

Now instead of having to pay to dispose of it they now get rid of it and make money from the sales, sort of self serving wouldn’t you say?  Again we are ingesting some aluminum with it so if you are cooking with aluminum, and taking in fluoride which has to have aluminum traces in it, you are really heading for possible Alzheimer’s.  Is it any wonder that that disease is becoming epidemic and that cancer is so rampant?  Toxic waste is carcinogenic no matter how you try to “coat” it over.

What can you do to protect yourself and your family since it is nearly impossible to get totally away from aluminum ingestion, (traces are even found in many cake, cookie and waffle mixes)? 


                                                                                                                                                                                         WHAT ARE GMO FOODS?

I’m sure you have been hearing quite a bit about GMO foods so I thought I would try to explain it and give you the pros and cons about it. 

The only good thing about it is that they can produce more food in a crop.  Unfortunately, that food has been proven to be quite deficient in nutrients and loaded with pesticides.  I recently attended a conference where food buying representatives from other countries met with food producers in Oregon.  When I asked them about GMO foods, they informed me they would not buy any of it and they were quite angry about the USA trying to sell it to them.  Since they were so adamant, I decided to investigate what exactly are GMO foods and why there is so much controversy about it especially in other countries.  For more information on what Europe is learning and why they reject GMO foods, go to www.thegrocer.co.uk  England is calling it the new thalidomide.   

Farmers were having a lot of problems with keeping the weeds under control in their crops.  Since they wanted to save money and time and not have to manually dig up weeds, Monsanto (the biggest producers of toxic chemicals in this country), decided to step in and help the farmers.  When farmers sprayed with herbicides and pesticides, it not only killed the weeds, but also the crop.  In order to control the weeds with herbicides (carcinogens) and not kill the food crops, Mopnsanto decided to alter the genetic makeup of the food that was being produced, thus it is called GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms).   By changing the genetic makeup of the food crops they are now able to spray pesticides and herbicides on the crop and only kill pests and weeds, not the crop.  Those chemicals then stayed on the food, eventually ending up on your plate.  They also found they could produce larger crops because now the farmers weren’t losing the crops to pests thus cutting their cost of production. 

This produced two things.  First, it altered the nutritional value of the foods that were being produced.  I believe, along with many others, that in doing so, you can eat GMO food and not feel satisfied.  You are full, but nutritionally you are being left hungry, so you eat more (which makes the farmers and the stores happy) because you are still “hungry”.  This will add to the national obesity problem because you are consuming more calories without the important necessary nutrition.  It is similar to turning our foods into the same nutritional problems as eating in the fast food restaurants and supersizing it. 

The second and very important side effect of the GMO is the killing of the honey bees vital to pollination of the crops in order for them to grow.  Because the farmers are now able to spray the crops with all kinds of pesticides and herbicides, even stronger than they used in the past, the bees ingest those chemicals when trying to gather pollen for honey and die.  The ones that are not killed by the pesticide are now dying of starvation, because the pollen is also deficient in the necessary nutrient for their survival thus making the honey you eat also deficient in these nutrients. Combine this problem with the Zombie fly spreading across the country-flies that lay their eggs on honey bees, which after hatching, eat the honey bee from the inside out-the honey bee population is dangerously shrinking. If this situation continues to exist, then our food sources are in jeopardy as there will be no healthy honey bees left to pollinate the food, crops will die because of it and you will no longer be able to get honey for your own consumption.  This is becoming a very serious problem for the survival of mankind and the other animals that eat that food such as our pet and livestock.  Is it no wonder people are screaming to have all foods labeled with the GMO label showing what we are getting at the grocery store?  Almost all the foods you buy today, especially in fast foods are made from GMO crops.

We need to contact our congressmen to push them to pass the laws that will protect your future and your health.  If enough people complain, then we can make them label the foods.  Your future and that of your children depends on it and it is your right to know what you are eating.  For more information on GMO foods and other related issues go to www.naturalnews.com and www.Naturalsociety  or google, GMO foods.

                                                                                                                   What do you think is causing the obesity and Diabetes crises in America?  

Look at what I have described above combined with the fact that you can hardly buy anything that isn’t laced with sugar and salt (makes you retain fluids).  Look at the high consumption of diet drinks where people think they are safe.,  The only thing diet about diet drinks is the word diet because the sweetener, especially aspartame, causes the drinker to retain a great deal of fluids and often causes seizures. Aspartame is powdered wood alcohol, known in the olden days as ‘MOONSHINE.’”  As a diabetic, I try to be careful to read the labels on whatever I buy and I am hard pressed to find anything without a lot of sugar added. Even the peanut butter has sugar added.  I only found one brand, Adams peanut butter, that didn’t have sugar added so I either have to buy that or go to a health food store and buy the freshly ground, pure peanut butter made just with the peanuts alone.  I have had people complain that in the natural peanut butter, the oil separates out too easily, not like the emulsified stuff laced with sugar.  I just make sure the lid is on tight, turn the jar upside down once in awhile and the oil just goes back up into the peanut butter.  Oil problem easily solved!

Sugar in your foods goes by the following names, High fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, corn syrup solids, corn sweetener, corn sugar, dextrin, dextrose, maltodextrin and saccharose, all of which are usually made from GMO treated corn, rice and wheat. Natural, organic unprocessed, unbleached sugar is the best to use, nutritionally sound and more easily absorbed by the body. Corn is the biggest crop grown as a GMO which is being fed to our cattle which eventually ends up in you when you eat them. These chemicals have been found in pregnant women after eating meat.  Since the fetus absorbs all the foreign chemicals from the mother’s body during pregnancy, it will end up in the baby in higher levels than in the mother.  This can cause autism, CP etc. so it is even more vital for pregnant mothers to clean her body with the Zeolite on a regular basis throughout the pregnancy.

What does it mean when they say it is enriched bread or sugar or whatever?  It means that they have removed all the natural vitamins in the bleaching or processing of the product and added back in on the average, about 17 synthetic vitamins.  Eating these synthetic food substitutes, sweeteners and vitamins do nothing for you but are stored mainly in the liver of you and your pets.  The molecular structure of synthetic and altered foods, are not recognized by the human or pet bodily makeup and the liver will start to break down resulting in other organ malfunctions; eventually resulting in the degenerative processes of illness and death.  Sure is an easy way to control population without being blamed isn’t it? 


Whatever you do, NEVER allow your dogs to ingest anything containing Xylitol.  It is a sugar alcohol extracted from some fruits, but is basically made from hardwood and corn cobs.  Even one stick of gum that has already been chewed containing it CAN KILL YOUR DOG WITHIN MINUTES. 

Lately, it seems that every time you turn around there is another pet food or treat that is either contaminated with Salmonella or some toxic chemical and are now on a voluntary recall. Sadly, it is voluntary and even though they are finding these things in the pet foods, most of the stores don’t pull them from their shelves.  A lot of the companies like Costco’s Kirkland pet foods, don’t produce their own foods, but have them made by Diamond Dog Food Company, (the biggest offender of contaminated foods), and private label the bags.  They aren’t the only ones doing this, but even after the government found the contaminations I checked several stores and still found the very foods on the shelves.  If you only have a couple of pets and are concerned about their health and safety, you may want to check into making your own food for them.  It is safer, healthier, and usually cheaper and the animals love it.  Here is a recipe I developed when I only had two dogs and a cat so decided to share it with you.  Look for foods that are not GMO if you can and start with bones that have the marrow still in them.  Have the butcher cut the bones so you can get the marrow out in the cooking. 

Use a large porcelain or stainless steel pot; I used the biggest roasting pan I could find.  First I put quite a bit of good filtered water (Brita hand filters work well and are inexpensive), and boil the bones until all the meat is off and the marrow is out.  To this you can add just about any kind of vegetables cut into small pieces, a little onion, (I know that many professionals? Claim that onions are dangerous for dogs, but I’ve never had a problem with them or my cats) and garlic (a good blood purifier) for flavoring, and a small amount of salt. Thicken it with potatoes (sweet potatoes are excellent for dogs digestion) and either ground corn, oatmeal (will add weight so don’t use if they are already overweight) , or whole grain brown rice.  You can then add in some kind of meat such as ground turkey, beef or mackerel with is really good for animal’s digestion.  Cook all of this until it is done and set it aside to cool. When it is finally cool, give the nice clean bones to the dogs because it cleans their teeth and makes them strong, divide the food into daily portions and put it in a Zip Lock Baggies and place each bag in the freezer.  All you have to do is take out the daily portion needed, thaw it and serve.  You can wash the baggies and reuse them for future batches.  I did this about once a week, only took me about 30 to 40 minutes to make and raised my German Shepherd puppy on this along with my Pomeranian and the cat.  I sure wish I could do that now in light of all the problems arising today in the pet food industry, but with 16 dogs it is now impossible on my schedule.  Besides, I don’t have a freezer big enough to hold it all.  The recipe I gave you is essentially what is fed to racing dogs to keep them strong and lean, really excellent for overweight pets.  Our pet vitamins that are very complete and chicken flavored, will give your pet all it needs to do well.   Whatever the age, we have Puppy, Adult and Senior vitamins. 

I did some changes and corrections in the catalogue, not a lot, but some significant ones.  If you need a new catalogue, please let me know and I can insert it in your box.  Please, send me your email address because I will be sending information as I gather it,  from time to time to people on my email list first, so if you want to be included, send it. 

Thanks for listening.  That’s all for now.   


Bea Lydecker’s Naturals,

15443 S. Latourette Rd.

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Philosophy of Bea Lydecker’s Naturals

     A person is not just a physical body, but a feeling, thinking being with a memory which has been programmed from the time of conception.  Psychology has long believed that 85% of the illnesses that attack the human body are caused from emotional problems or programming from early experiences.  When treating a person, the health care practitioner must always bear this in mind and realize that in many cases, they may be able to heal the body, but until the mind is also healed, the treatments will either not hold or be ineffective. 

     There are books which help with the emotional aspects of disease, such as “Seasons, My Journey through the Three Dimensions of Natural Healing” by Beatrice Lydecker.  The greatest book of all though, that directs you to The One who brings the greatest peace that promotes health to the mind and body, is a faith in God.  There is a void and restlessness deep inside every human being which causes loneliness, emptiness, illness, depression, etc. that can only be filled by a personal relationship with God.  I believe that He alone can heal the hurt and confusions that are so often behind our illnesses; that One who, when we finally step out of his mortal body, will be there to greet us and introduce us to a glorious eternity.  Many of you wonder why I bring religion into a booklet on Natural Healing.  Well, I don’t bring you religion, but a person, my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  He is the One to whom I have turned for instruction and guidance in all I have done and without Him, I would not have the knowledge to put together the formulas many of you will experience.

What are our defenses?

     In natural healing, one is not treating diseases, but attempting to restore the body by providing it with what it needs to rebuild itself.  Science teaches us that our body has the ability to produce antibodies, ie: the immune cells which are specifically coded to fight any disease man could ever encounter.  When a vaccination is given, a little bit of the disease is injected so that the body will jump into action and make antibodies that it will code to fight that specific disease, but is ineffective against any other disease for which it is not coded. This then provides us with needed defenses that are ready to act should we come in contact with that disease.  If one becomes infected or comes in contact with that disease before vaccinations, the body will also naturally build antibodies in case you come into contact with the disease again.  You never lose those antibodies which are also called blood titers. This process is the same in human or animals,        

     Too often standard medical practices are quick to yank out what they think is not important, as they used to do with tonsils and appendices, thinking they were vestigial organs (no longer of any use). It is now known that they store more antibodies per square inch than any other organ of the body except for the Omentum (the lining wall of the abdomen).  God designed us well with no useless parts, so I believe it is important to stimulate every organ to perform the job for which it was designed.  As you learn more about herbs and nutrition (the oldest form of healing known to man), you will begin to understand that they do just that, as well as providing living cells from which the body can rebuild itself.  Just providing energy is not enough: if it was, we could sit under a magnet and live.  We need whole, living tissue building blocks that our livers can convert into living cells that our bodies are able to use.  Herbs, vitamins, minerals and glandulars have long been accepted as nutritional supplements which support the body’s natural ability to renew it.  I use the whole nutritional supplement instead of tinctures because they give not only energy, but the actual cellular nutrient that the body needs.  I don’t know how it does it, but when a person suffers from liver disease, it needs liver from a like organism to rebuild itself.  We are mammals so we must consume the liver of another mammal to rebuild the liver tissue, while eating the proper herbs to restore its normal function.

     Natural healing is a slow process, usually taking at least three months to rebuild an organ or body system.  It took time for the body to break down and it will take time to build it back up.  CAUTION; it is important to continue medications, gradually withdrawing them as the body corrects itself and only under the guidance of your health care provider and lab tests to verify the changes.


     I began my quest for natural ways to restore the body in 1988. I had been dieting, running 5 miles a day as well as working 12 hour days, but gained 60 pounds. I knew something was definitely wrong, but it was not until the tumors filled my lungs, stomach and covered my head, did we get the diagnosis through a biopsy.  I learned that I had Epstein Bar/Chronic Fatigue.  I was covered with Candida rashes and had all the symptoms of Fibromyalgia such as the pain points and muscle weakness which increased in intensity with exercise.  When allopathic medicine gave me up to die, I began to research the causes for my diseases and how they could be corrected.  Through the use of the Living Free Herbal Extract and the other blends I have developed through God’s guidance, I am completely well and looking forward to an exciting future in helping others find the fullness of life that I have come to experience through good health and peace with God.  This journey and what I have learned about these mysterious diseases like cancer, CFS, Hepatitis C, etc, and the dynamics of our emotions on our bodies, are explained in detail in my book “Seasons, my journey through the three dimensions of natural healing” which comes free with each new subscription.  The book explains fully many facets of several types of diseases, but focuses on the Simian 40 virus, how it affects the body and the diseases it causes. 

Why do they call the simian 40 virus by different disease names?

    The following information while it is my theory seems to hold true in my experience working with many clients with the Simian 40 virus diseases.

     All the cells of the body contains two codes; DNA which tells you what your physical characteristics and tendencies will be (it is called the law of Genetics), and an RNA which determines the protein makeup and of the cell walls of the body.  Viruses do not contain DNA, so in order for them to survive and replicate unchecked, they must enter the cells of the body, and bond with the cell’s RNA, tricking that cell into “believing” it is the virus.  Now, in most instances, we are able to defend against viral invaders and kill the cell containing the virus, but not the Simian 40 virus. I believe that the reason researchers will never find a cure for this virus is because of its’ unique ability to change EVERY time it enters a new host.  By the time they have figured out how to kill one form of it, it has changed several times and the first treatment is no longer effective.  This virus seems to be the common thread in many diseases, acting the same way on the cells of the organ it chooses to enter, but is called by different names depending on what cells it targets.  If it is the liver, it is called Hepatitis C, if it is the myelin sheath of the Spinal chord it is called MS, if it is the connective tissues and muscles, it is called Fibromyalgia/CFIDS or Epstein Bar, if it attacks the T cells produced by the thymus gland it is called HIV, the immune cells in the lymph system, it is called Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (which is not a true cancer), and when it is the nerves of the body it is called Lupus.  I believe this makes Scientists think they are all different diseases since they tend to look at and treat symptoms, not the root cause.  Because it does the same thing to the cells in each “disease”, it tends to make us believe it is the same virus which in our experience, when treated with our Cleanse and Rebuild Program, in most cases, has eradicated or cleared it.


All oxygen and nutrients are passed from the blood through the cell walls to nourish and rebuild them and all waste that occurs as a result of the cell burning those nutrients and oxygen, are passed back out through those same cell walls into the blood to be carried to the liver and lymph glands to be removed from the body as urea and in the stools.  As the cell walls change due to the invasion of the Simian 40 virus, the cell walls gradually change and plug up, the cells slowly burn up the oxygen and nutrients it has, but can’t get more in or get the waste out and gradually renders those cells useless.  It is a very slow process that often takes years for all of the cell wall to become completely plugged to make it die, thus the disease comes on so slowly that one does not notice it until a lot of damage is done and you realize something has become drastically wrong.  Because of this gradual process, we are seeing most of the diseases showing up in the late 40’s unless you are an offspring or someone who got the polio shot that contained the virus or had close contact with someone who is infected.  This virus kind of reminds me of the Typhoid Mary syndrome because contrary to what the government is telling us, (according to the biology books in the schools), it is present in all body fluids such as saliva, perspiration, etc. and is absorbed by the skin receptors the same way Nitroglycerine, hormones, nicotine, etc. is.  Since this is true, it then cannot be called an STD only (sexually transmitted disease) or even just a blood born virus and there is no such thing as “safe sex”.


Everyone with any major disease will need to address the following.  Once they have cleansed the body and rebuilt it, then and only then can we honestly know what disease is truly present.

STEP 1: CLEANSE AND REBUILD THE LIVER—The liver is the processing plant of the body.  It has 13,000 enzymes to convert the foods we eat into living cells the body can use to rebuild itself.  Whenever anyone tells us they have heart problems, we know they must first repair the liver in order to get the heart healthy again because the liver converts CoQ enzymes 1-9 into CoQ 10 and sends it to the heart to repair it. When doctors test the blood for liver function, they only tell you whether it is working or not, but not how well.  Congested livers will cause chronic constipation and depression.  Getting the liver cleaned up and functioning to full capacity, is the first thing you MUST do in order to prevent seizures, (blocked liver shunts in people and animals can cause seizures) and be able to process the nutrients or any medication you are taking (if the liver can’t process it then the body says, “don’t send me food as I can’t take process it”, resulting in eating disorders and the nutrition or medication you take in will just go through unused). To clear up chronic constipation and depression, the liver must be able to process the waste from the blood or it will leave it there to be deposited in the body tissue or joints resulting in stiffness and pain. The liver must also have proper hydration to help prevent constipation.  This is done by sipping water throughout the day as the body can only absorb about 2 ounces of water per half hour.  Gulping water will just cause excessive urination and more dehydration and depression because it  pulls important salts from the cells causing more dehydration, constipation and depression.  Our Liver/Gall Bladder formula cleans up and stimulates the liver to work properly again.  To further help the liver clean the body it is necessary to remove all heavy metals with Zeolite. 

STEP 2: Kill parasites with the Nutritional Copper Solution so you get the nutrition and not the parasites.  We find that everyone with a compromised immune system or an acidic pH cannot fight off parasites.  We get them from fruits and vegetables where the eggs have been transferred from anyone who has handled the food and not washed their hands properly, the same way a lot of E. Coli is spread.

STEP 3: Restore the immune system ie: the thymus gland that produces the CD 4, absolute T cells that eats cancer, TB and skin eruptions, so diseases doesn’t come back once it is cleared up. Our immune formula does just that while cleaning the lymph glands.

STEP 4: Now that the body organs are cleaned up and rebuilt, we are able to start killing viruses, tumors and cancers without overtaxing it.  This is done with the Herbal Extract and Hand or Foot soak. 

The four step program comes with nearly a 6 month supply of many of the items needed to do the job.  The program varies with different diseases, but the basics are the same. Includes step by step instructions.


One 2 ounce Living Free Herbal Extract or set of two bottles of the Soak.

One 500 count bottle of Immune Capsules

One 500 count bottle of Liver Capsules

One 500 count bottle of Adult Extra, a very potent multiple vitamin

Two 120 count bottles of Noni to rebuild damaged cells

One 100 count bottle of Kidney (since the kidneys work with the liver to clean the body, we must support the kidney should it get stressed and cause kidney pain.  It usually only takes three days to correct it.)

One 2 ounce bottle of Zeolite

One 32 ounce bottle of Copper solution


This program is recommended for healthy people who wish to boost their immune systems and liver while cleaning out parasites and all heavy metals. 


One Immune bottle of 100 capsules

One Liver/Gall Bladder bottle of 100 capsules

One Adult Extra bottle of 100 capsules

One Kidney bottle of 100 capsules

One Noni bottle of 120 capsules

One bottle of Zeolite 2 ounces

One 32 ounce bottle of Copper solution.              

Instructions included.









      By Beatrice Lydecker-Hayford   



Living Free is the Brand Name for the People Products, Formulas are named after the organs they work on.

Adult extra: Our basic Adult formula with additional Vitamins E & C, twice the glandulars, Yucca, plus added digestive herbs.  Recommended for anyone recovering from illness, pregnant women, mature citizens, and anyone desiring a  very complete, potent formula for general nutrition.

100 Capsules---$23.00                            500 Capsules---$70.00

ARTHO FLEX: Cetyl-Myristoleate was developed by Harry W. Diehl, an award winning physical science technician, who practiced for forty years in the Laboratory of Chemistry at the National Institute of Arthritis, Metabolism and Digestive Diseases in Bethesda , Maryland .  For 60 years he researched a cure for arthritis, accomplishing his goal 20 years ago, although it was patented May 3, 1976 and made available to a limited few, mostly doctors.  The AMA kept it under patent for 35 years, but we are now able to get it from Harry Diehl’s son who continues to carry on his father’s legacy.  A medium-chained fatty acid, cetyl-myristoleate is extracted from beef tallow and real cow’s butter.  It seems to eradicate any kind of chronic pain, especially arthritic pain, along with its accompanying swelling, fever, and joint deformity, no matter what form the arthritis takes.  In the approximate 1% of our clients who were not cleared of arthritis, I believe it was because they had bone on bone due to a loss of synovial fluid to cushion the joint.  The other problem could be coming from Mercury that has settled in the joints from Dental amalgams or from medications, thus we recommend the Zeolite to clear heavy metals while treating arthritis.  Since its discovery, there have been NO ADVERSE REACTIONS in mammals. 

180 Capsules---$60.00                             500 Capsules---$125.00

ATTEND: A homeopathic remedy that supplies the nutrients associated with learning and concentration.  Attend supports the body’s ability to naturally calm and reduce stress and frustration; helps focus attention, improve concentration, allow smooth, balanced information processing; flush toxins, plaque and free radicals from brain pathways; and helps increase the flow of nutrients, oxygen and energy to the brain.  This is highly effective in anyone with ADD, ADEHD and Central Nervous System disorders, counterbalancing the system of energy use, either calming or increasing energy, whichever the body needs.  It has been proven

effective in controlling migraines.  It has also shown effective with Alzheimer patients in the early stages.                    60 Capsules---$36.50

BALANCING YOUR PH  Anyone with any major illness when testing their Saliva or urine pH will find it very acidic (below 7). As long as it is below or above 7 to 8 you will not get well.  If testing the blood, you will always find it to be in that normal range. If the blood starts to go acidic when disease is present or when consuming acidic foods such as sodas, red meats, sugars and lots of carbohydrates it may result in osteoporosis because the body will draw calcium from the bones to neutralize the blood pH.  Things that will raise the pH are  baking soda in water, Apple cider vinegar, calcium and a freshly squeezed lemon in a glass of water. When taking a Calcium supplement, be sure it is the easily digested nutritional form of calcium citrate and not carbonate which can end up as plaque in the blood vessels.   

CALMERS-LIVING FREE: (Valerian, passion flower, black cohosh, calcium, niacinamide, wild lettuce, hops, magnesium vitamin B-6, thyme, magnesium phosphate (cell salts).  A blend of herbs that helps soothe the nervous system as well as the emotions that works wonders on PMS, alleviating irritability and helps one deal with stressful situations.   The problem is still there, but because of the hops, you don’t care anymore.  It is also a natural anti- spasmodic, is non-addictive and will not produce drowsiness.

100 capsules---$16.00                                            500 Capsules---$55.00

DIGESTION: (Garlic, acidophilus, peppermint, dandelion, slippery elm, parsley, chicory, Irish Moss, yarrow, pancreas, thyme, agrimony, adrenal, hyssop, cascara sagrada, lobelia, cayenne).  When taken with each meal and at bedtime, it could stop acid reflux from hiatal hernias or chronic “acid stomach”.  Stops nausea during flu and other illnesses. Recommended for diabetics because it seems to stimulate the pancreas and the body’s normal digestive ability. It also seems to help chronically thin people and animals to gain weight because they are able to absorb more of their food.  No adverse side affects observed.

100 capsules---$23.00      500 Capsules---$70.00        ½ lb. $35.00      1 lb. $50.00

Enzymes Plus: (Magnesium, B-6, Protease, Papain, Bromelain, Cellulase, Serrapeptase, Chymotrypsin, Rutin Nattokinase). This formula uses specialized enzymes to break down excess protein on scar tissue and fibrin in the blood vessels and internal organs; removes the protective protein coating on tumors, cancers, and parasites; renders viruses and bacteria inert; reduces the immune systems ability to attack the body in auto immune diseases such as MS, Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis.  Combined with Magnesium (the natural blood thinner found in aspirin) and B-6 to help lower Blood Pressure, Cholesterol (also dissolved by lecithin) and dissolve blood clots, thus aiding in the prevention and treatment of Atherosclerosis, Strokes and Heart Disease.  It helps increase all B and T immune cells and aids in reducing anxiety, confusion, epilepsy, migraines and insomnia.  Rutin is added to strengthen blood vessel walls.  Its action is similar to Plavix, but these natural enzymes do not contain the mercury found in medications. Nattokinase is the body’s blood clot buster.         180 Capsules---$48.75           500 Capsules---$97.50

FOOT OR HAND SOAK: (Zinc, Potassium, Barium, Iron, Sodium, Calcium, Copper, Chlorophyllin, Sanguinaria Canadensis, Impatiens pallida, Hydrasis Canadensis, Ferula galbaniflua, Hydrastus perforatium, Rubus villosus, Fumaria officinalis, Frasera carolinensia, Allicin, Garlic) This does the same thing the Herbal Extract does, but bypasses the stomach, entering the body through the blood vessels in the skin of the hand or foot when you soak one or the other for about one hour per day.  The sicker the body, the quicker it absorbs the solution which is used over and over until gone? An instruction on how to do it comes with the bottle.  This is far more effective than the herbal extract bottle because over 90% of the herbs are absorbed whereas a much lower amount is absorbed as some of it is lost as it passes through the digestive system. Works faster too. 

Two-2 ounce bottle set up with sleeves ---$215.00     One 2 ounce bottle---$105.00

HEART AND BLOOD VESSEL: (Heart, ginkgo biloba, hawthorn, ginseng, hyssop, wood betony, garlic, devil’s claw, collagen, horsetail, ginger, cayenne).  HBV along with the Liver and Immune formulas seems to  reduce or clear up cardiomyopathy,  HBV also regulates heart rate for anyone with irregular heart beats, but especially  for those born with extra nerves to the heart, enabling them to

live normal, active lives.  In many people, it seems to aid in regulating and normalizing blood pressure and cholesterol.

100 Capsules---$26.00     500 Capsules---$80.00    ½ lb. ---$40.00    1 lb. ---$60.00

HERBAL EXTRACT:(Saint John’s wort, blackberry, bloodroot, jewel-weed, goldenseal, galbanum, fumitory, elk weed, garlic, chlorophyll, trace minerals).  This is a very concentrated liquid herbal blend made in the United States which I private label.   It has proven to be VERY effective in fighting any kind of virus, cancer and in dissolving tumors of any kind including sebaceous cysts.  Can be used topically to remove warts, moles, and other growths. It works effectively in killing the Parvo virus and the Kennel Cough viruses.  This is very important since there are 15 different strains of this chronic bronchitis called kennel cough, but there are only vaccines for three.  This is an invaluable product for boarding kennels, animal control facilities and breeders.  This is a potent product which is taken in small amounts by drops and should be taken according to directions in the booklet or program sheet that is provided and always with food or fruit juice.  The only side effect we have seen is nausea and or stomach pain if taken in water or taken too much, too fast.  If reactions occur or you experience flu-like symptoms, call the office and we will talk you through it.  You can also back up a day or two until you feel better and then increase more slowly.  This formula should always be taken with the Liver support formula as you are taxing the liver while it eliminates the dead tissue or virus from the blood and the Immune formula to prevent recurrence of the problem for which you are taking it.   

1 ounce bottle is 600 drops---$110.00          2 ounce bottle of 1200 drops---$175.00

HYALURONIC ACID also called SYNOVIAL 7  Hyaluronic Acid is a natural component of the body found in the synovial, lubricating fluid of the joints, the connective tissues, the vitreous humor (fluid) of the eye ball, is the major component of the brain and found most abundantly in the skin.  It binds 1000 times its weight with water, thus enabling the body to hold the water in the cells making it the ultimate natural skin moisturizer.  This is vital in restoring hydration to the skin, joints and shrinking brain of the elderly especially for those with paper thin skin that bruises easily. The Hyaluronic acid we use is extracted by a special process from the combs of roosters.   A bottle contains about 30 doses at one eyedropper per day in a glass of water.  One ounce bottle---$45.00

HYLAVISION: Contains Hyaluronic Acid to maintain fluid balance in the eye.  The symptom you will experience that will tell you your eyeball is shrinking, (a very common occurrence during the aging process) is seeing lightning flashes in the sides of your eyes: Bilberry extract to support eye circulation; Lutein/Zeaxanthin Complex (marigold) to support retinal and macular health, vitamin A rebuilds the rhodopsin series that controls the light sensitive pigment in the eye, and vitamins B2, C, E, and Zinc which are powerful antioxidants: Selenium, copper and manganese.                   120 Capsules---$24.98

Hylarub:  (Water, Hyaluronic Acid to lubricate joints, Cetyl Oleate, Emu Oil to penetrate deep into the skin, Emulsifying Wax, Glycerin, Stearic Acid, Cetyl Alcohol, L-Arginine, Peppermint Oil, Hyaluronic Acid, Lactoperoxidase, Glucose Oxidase, and Glucose, Capsaicin from Cayanne Pepper. A non greasy moisturizing joint cream that helps soothe, moisturize and maintain healthy joints and muscles.  External use only.                                6 ounce tube---$45.00

Hyalogic’s Episilk: A moisture mask for the face to restore hyaluronic acid to the skin cells to help lighten blemishes and fine line wrinkles. Works similar to botox which also uses a form of hyaluronic acid to remove wrinkles.  Reduces wrinkles naturally.   2 ounces of face cream---$36.95                      tube of lip balm---$6.95

IMMUNE: (Thymus, thyme, Echinacea, acidophilus, collagen, liver, dandelion root, kidney, enzyme complex, lecithin, heart, pancreas, milk thistle, adrenal).  Rebuilds the thymus gland’s ability to produce absolute CD4 T cells needed to keep cancer, tumors, TB, skin eruptions and AIDS from recurring. In building the

immune system you are preventing colds and many other diseases.  The only side effect we see may be temporary excessive urination, bowel movements and coughing as this formula stimulates the lymph glands to dump body waste. 

100 Capsules---$26.00    500 Capsules---$85.00    ½ lb.---$42.00      1 lb.---$65.00

INTESTINAL BALANCER:Acidophilus, psyllium, slippery elm, Yunnan Paiyao, vitamins E & C, thymus, thyme, electrolytes (sodium, calcium, magnesium, potassium).  This product is designed mostly to control diarrhea and promote healing and beneficial bacteria to the intestinal tract. No adverse side effects.

100 Capsules---$28.00     500 Capsules---$90.00      ½ lb.$25.00        1 lb.---$40.00

KIDNEY & BLADDER: (Kidney, cranberry, liver, Echinacea, alfalfa, garlic, thymus, nettle, thyme, enzyme complex, onion, vitamins C & E, uva ursi)  Wonderful support for the entire urinary system, cystitis and kidney pain or failure.

100 Capsules---$25.00      500 Capsules---$80.00   ½ lb.---$38.00   1 lb.---$60.00

LIVER/GALLBLADDER: (Liver, burdock, kidney, garlic, pau’d arco, yellow dock, stiklewort, yarrow, cinnamon, dandelion root, rosemary, horseradish, milk thistle, buckthorn, fumitory). Cleans and stimulates rebuilding of the liver’s ability to cleanse the blood, rebuild the heart, process food and correct chronic constipation. Details are explained in the four step program. 

100 Capsules---$26.00      500 Capsules---$85.00     ½ lb.---$42.00    1 lb.---$65.00

LUNG AND JOINT: (Lung, coltsfoot, thyme, collagen, hyssop, mullein, Echinacea, pau’d arco, myrrh, lecithin, Irish moss, horseradish, ephedrine, lobelia, cayenne, parsley, vitamins E & C).  Mostly used by asthmatics, emphysema (opens lungs enough so they can sometimes get out without their oxygen), or anyone suffering from lung congestion. If taken before bed, it opens the bronchial tubes so that the user breathes deeper and rests better through the night.  We call this product lung and joint because the lungs affect the ability of the body to eliminate excessive fluid buildup thus will leave the fluids in the joints.  The lymph glands dump through the lungs as well as through the kidneys.  The Lung and Joint formula will usually stop bleeding in race or performance horses that are called “bleeders.”  The stress of running puts pressure on the alveoli, causing small blood vessels in the lungs to burst; the blood then interferes with breathing and hinders their stamina.  L & J opens the alveoli because the Lobelia and mullein relax the pressure and lung spasms of bleeders, asthmatics and horses with heaves (the horse equivalent of asthma) will not make you drowsy.  No adverse reactions.

100 Capsules---$25.00       500 Capsules---$75.00    ½ lb.---$38.00    1 lb.---$50.00

NERVE AND MUSCLE: (Skullcap, rosemary, alfalfa, collagen, trace mineral complex, thyme, red clover, wild lettuce, dandelion root, Echinacea, thymus, lecithin, enzyme complex, black cohosh, milk thistle).  Promotes healing to the nervous system, muscle and connective tissue.  Always used with ADD, CP, MS, CFIDS/Fibromyalgia, muscle weakness of any kind, and chronic muscle or back pain.  Especially effective in getting old dogs back up on their feet from old age weakness or degenerative myelopathy.  Will even clear a mild headache if 3 or 4 are taken at the beginning of the headache.  No adverse side effects observed. 

100 Capsules---$23.00     500 Capsules---$75.00      ½ lb.---$37.00    1 lb.---$55.00

NERVE AND MUSCLE PLUS CETYLMYRISTOLEATE: This formula combines 50% the Nerve and Muscle formula above with 50% Cetylmyristoleate.  Helps alleviate numbness from feet and hands and clears most chronic pain, even the more severe headaches like Migraines that are not hormone related, if taken at the beginning of the headache. This formula is combined with Artho Flex to clear the arthritis faster and help sooth some of the arthritis related pain.  We recommend taking MSM(we do not sell it, but you can get it in almost any store

that sells nutritional supplements) at pretty high doses to remove the inflammation connected to arthritis and inflammatory artery disease.  No adverse side effects.

180 Capsules---$55.00                    500 Capsules---$110.00

NONI: The Noni we use is a small evergreen tree found growing in virgin, mineral rich, organic lava beds along the coastlines and forests of Hawaii .  Noni inhibits the K-ras-NRK cells, a precursor to certain types of cancer; is effective against the Simian 40 virus; has been found to have analgesic properties and is a natural antiseptic effective against at least 7 different harmful bacteria.

     Xeronine is an alkaloid that acts much like the steel girders around which you build a strong building.  This alkaloid causes the polypeptides to cement together into strong protein chains, thus rebuilding the protein wall of the cells that have been damaged by the retro-virus, Simian 40 which had bonded with the cell RNA and destroyed it.  Since it is not present in nature, the body must make it.  When it can’t because of disease or natural aging affects, the Noni helps restore the ability to do so.   Because it cleans and repairs the damaged cells, it also rebuilds the immune cells, (T cells), thus it appears to stimulate the immune system.  The only side effect we have observed is stomach discomfort when taken without food (so go ahead and take it with a meal) or an occasional diarrhea when you first start ingesting it as you are dumping excess waste.               120 Capsules---$45.00

PARASITIN: HOMEOPATHIC: Remedy that kills parasites.  This formula replaces the Copper solution because it is easier to ship and easier to take, but is just as effective.  Follow the directions on the bottle.  120 Capsules $29.95

SOLO SLIM: (Lotus leaf Flavonoids and Alkaloids, Hawthorne Hyperosides) Decaffeinated Green Tea, L-Carnitine Tartrate, Citrus Aurantium Synephrin, Konjac Glucomannan)  This is an all natural dietary supplement from China, basically for weight loss but also lowers blood sugar levels.  One capsule when taken before breakfast, is potent enough to last an entire day, without the jitters or irritability that most diet products do. (No wholesale prices, only retail and subscriber)                                  30 Capsules---$51.00

VITAMIN C: Ours is a 50-50 blend of ascorbic acid buffered with calcium ascorbate to take away the sour taste, making it more palatable to children and animals when mixed with water or juice (do not mix with milk, it will curdle it). No fillers are added so one teaspoon will equal over 3,000 mg. of vitamin C.

1 lb.---$20.00                                                     2 lbs.---$32.00

LIQUID ZEOLITE:  Zeolite removes all heavy metals from the cells of the body by trapping them and other toxins in its honeycomb like framework of cavities and channels, helps balance pH levels, and is 100 percent natural and safe for long term use.  Everyone reacts differently.  Some experience increased energy, clarity of mind,  more restful sleep, a lessening of bi polar or schizophrenia symptoms, autistic children are calmer and more focused, relief from shingles and even animals that are sick, do much better.   This product is vital for Alzheimer patients as it helps remove the aluminum and mercury affecting the brain. (No wholesale

prices on Zeolite, just retail and Subscriber)                    1 ounce bottle---$25.00

  Many years ago, volcanoes erupted and poured lava into the sea.  The combination of lava, ash and salt from the sea, caused a chemical reaction which, over thousands of years, resulted in what is now known as Zeolite.  It formed in the hardened lava which is now harvested and used by many throughout Asia for centuries as part of their traditional remedies to promote overall health and well being.               


Dr. Henry Schroeder, M.D., PhD of Dartmouth University said, “Your mineral

needs are even more important than your vitamin needs, since your body cannot make minerals”.  Your body needs not only minerals found in large quantities (such as magnesium), it also needs many trace minerals (such as chromium, zinc and selenium).  Medical science has proven beyond any doubt that the body can

absorb essential minerals in solution form far more rapidly than in a pill, powder, colloidal or any other form.  Before now, the only ways to get the minerals were through 1. food, in an ionic/water soluble form, but seldom found in large enough quantities;  2. from capsules or tablets that are virtually ineffective, and 3. from colloidal mineral waters that are not truly absorbable or useable by the human body as their minerals are in particles and are not water soluble. 

Water Oz mineral waters, which are what we sell, are made by a technical, revolutionary new process with the end result being 99.99 pure water soluble minerals.  This technical process turns pure minerals into an ionic/water soluble solution.  The water used for the suspension is drawn from a subterranean spring for purification and processed by reverse osmosis, then treated with ozone before the mineral solution is added to produce the finished product. 

Calcium---builds bones      Chromium---builds muscle        Copper---Kills parasites

Gold and silver--- both are natural antibiotics             Iron---Builds blood

Magnesium---Prevents migraines, bone loss, helps weight loss when in combination with sulphur and helps shrink tumors.

Selenium---Helps prevent breast cancer and spontaneous abortions & slows aging.

Sulfur---Stops tremors, stimulates insulin production and gives energy.

Vanadium---Regulates blood sugar   Water of Life---A balance of minerals

 Zinc---Natural anti-viral that also helps clear skin.

16 ounces $25.00                         32 ounces   $35.00                            1 gallon  $60.00



Ozone is active concentrated oxygen, one of Nature’s very special elements that you often smell after a fresh rain.  It is a natural purifier because germs, bacteria, viruses and disease cannot line in the presence of oxygen.  Ozone is produced from 02 which rise to the outer layer of the earth where it combines with the sun’s rays, converting it to 03, the more concentrated and potent form of Oxygen.  Because O3 is heavy, it drops to the Earth’s surface where we use it for breathing and purifying the air around us.  Holes in the ozone layer are caused from pollutions in the air that block the O2 from rising to the Earth’s outer layer where it can be converted to O3, so less O3 reaches the Earth’s surface, lowering the level of oxygen in the air.  The Ozonator Machine turns O2 to O3, purifying the air by killing all odor causing bacteria, even removing smoke.  It has worked wonders in my kennel, house and warehouse.  When I use it consistently, you can’t even smell animals or dirt anymore.   

Ozone is the most powerful oxidizer, water purifier that can be used safely without any adverse side effects.  In 1906, the first municipal water purification plant was built in France which utilized ozone to sterilize the drinking water system. Today there are over 2,000 plants worldwide using ozone for purification.


     The world Olympics committee for the summer games would not allow Los Angeles, Ca. the right to hold the summer Olympics because they did not want the Olympians to drink Chlorinated water, so Los Angeles built the largest ozone plant in the world, choosing this system over chlorine because of its extraordinary ability to effectively purify water safely. They continue to use it as their purifying system.

It is great for pools and spas as it kills all bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungus.   The Ozonating system is used to sterilize infectious wards to kill and prevent viruses from spreading from patient to patient or patient to caregiver.       $455.00  



“You Too Can Talk With the Animals”

A total revision of What the Animals Tell Me and Stories the Animals Tell Me plus a chapter, “Pets Do and Say The Darndest Things”, funny things that have happened during my career talking with animals. Section three details the techniques of how you too can learn to talk with the animals and get answers.                  $19.95


DVD You Too Can Talk With the Animals Seminar teaching the techniques of how to talk with the animals and get answers, along with training tips and demonstrations.         $24.95

You Too Book and DVD Set                 $34.95                                         




PUPPY VITAMINS: Formulated for the rigorous demands of growth, this complete vitamin-mineral supplement contains higher levels of vitamin C, trace minerals, glandulars (including collagen for growing joints), acidophilus, EFA and much, much more.  Chicken flavored.

1 pound       $18.00                                      6 pounds        $85.00

ADULT CANINE VITAMINS:  A complete vitamin-Mineral supplement which includes the same nutrients as the Puppy formula, but balanced to meet the nutritional needs of the adult dog ages 1 ½ to 6-7.

1 pound     $17.00                                        6 pounds         $80.00     

SENIOR CANINE VITAMINS: Formulated specifically for the needs of the older dog, this complete formula is similar to the puppy formula but with added oat bran (for balancing blood sugar), enzymes and Yucca.  For all dogs over 7 years of age.

1 pound       $18.00                                     6 pounds     $85.00


All canine vitamins are chicken flavored powder which is easily added to their food because most canines and even cats will readily eat it.

LOVE YOUR PETS CALMERS: Valerian Root, passion flower, black cohosh, calcium, niacinamide, wild lettuce, hops, magnesium, vitamin B-6, thyme, magnesium phosphate (cell salt).  Effective, safe product for any kind of stress, anxiety or fear such as travel, new places, training, 4th of July and thunderstorms.

100 capsules  $16.00                          500 capsules   $55.00

EQUINE CALMER Valerian root, black cohosh, wild lettuce, skullcap, rosemary, hops, thyme.  Useful for all larger animals and birds.  Helps them think more clearly during training or in fearful or unfamiliar circumstances.  Helps heal the nervous system and calms them in anxiety situations.  Also effective as a natural anti-spasmodic used by horses for shows, gaming, and racing without hampering performance.  No adverse side effect observed and generally passes drug testing.

     ½ pound  $20.00               1 pound   #30.00                    5 pounds  $110.00

EQUINE ARTHOFLEX: Cetyl-myristoleate, skullcap, rosemary, alfalfa, collagen, trace mineral complex, red clover, wild lettuce, dandelion root, Echinacea, thymus, lecithin, enzyme complex, black cohosh, milk thistle.  Helps alleviate most chronic pain; one to three pounds will usually clear arthritis in most animals, especially horses.  One Pound---1 month treatment---1 pound #150.00


All of our people products are made in the same FDA approved lab as the animal products, using all food grade ingredients.  We use the people products with the animals, usually in powder form, to help them over the same maladies that people experience. 



Immune Related Problems

     Immune related problems are much more common in animals than we realize, they’re just not recognized and most of all, unknown as to how it happens or what to do about it.  I believe the thymus gland is the root of the problem in most mammals, especially those living close to us such as dogs, cats and horses.  The thymus gland functions in the animals the same way it does in us, often causing many of the same problems.  It’s also suppressed the same way by chemicals and stress.  In speaking with my mentor, Dr. Marvin J. Cain, DVM a man I consider to be a genius, told me of a research project he did when trying to determine the effects of the canine parvo vaccine versus the feline distemper (panleukopenia).  This is the original one used to stop the epidemic when it hit several years ago, since parvo is a mutation of the feline distemper.  As he kept records of what dogs had received which vaccine and when they died, he checked to see what had happened to the thymus gland.  In the dogs that received the canine parvo vaccine, there was no thymus gland, while the ones give the feline panleukopenia vaccine had the thymus gland intact yet all had equal immunity to parvo.  When he wrote to the vaccine company about his findings, they wrote back and told him they were aware of it, but didn’t feel the thymus gland was important anyway, since they felt it had no function other than to regulate the rate of growth of the baby.  How can anyone say that when we know that it produces T cells to fight cellular diseases and thymosine to identify the presence of disease?  It is just as important in the animals as it is in us.  No wonder we are seeing cancer in dogs 4 – 6 years of age when we never used to see it except in old dogs.  I used to use the canine parvo vaccine like most breeders, even giving the shots 3 times a year only to learn now; I harmed the very animals I tried to protect.  When I had the boarding kennel, mange hit the dogs so we dipped and dipped with all kinds of chemicals, as well as having Malathion dumped on us every week from helicopters by the State of California , trying to get rid of the medfly.  That is when all the tumors and illness hit me; many of my neighbors and their dogs died of cancer and all the dogs I had given the Canine parvo to and had lived there with me, also got cancer.  We literally had our immune systems destroyed.  Thank God for the Living Free Herbal Extract or my kennel would have been wiped out, but most of them survived for a long time, some even to 16 years of age.  We need to rebuild the immune system by avoiding chemicals as much as possible, feeding natural foods that are clean, the right vaccines given correctly and rebuilding the thymus gland with the Living Free Immune Formula.  Do not be deceived, for just because a food is expensive and labeled “premium”, doesn’t mean it is good, so learn to read the labels and know what you are buying.  In horses, we believe the rhino vaccine is wiping out the thymus gland, causing a lot of skin and general health problems.  We never used to see so much cancer in young horses like we do now either, but look at how many shots we now use, chemical – laden foods and heavy use of pesticides and herbicides around them.  \


The following is a plan that I have followed for many years in my breeding program.  The only time I had sick puppies was when I gave the vaccines early.  These are the steps that I recommend you consider and perhaps incorporate too.

According to the sperm bank, the canine parvo vaccine can cause the male or female to become sterile for 30-60 days, so be sure to gauge your boosters accordingly.  If the mother has a good blood titer level and the pups nurse from her within the first 24 hours after birth, they will receive the colostrums (the milk containing the antibodies), thus rendering them immune to distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosa, and parainfluenza for 9 weeks and parvo for 11 weeks.  I usually give the DHLP at 8, ll and 14 weeks and the parvo at 10, 13, and 16 weeks.  If given sooner, you could break down the immunity from the mother and leave them open to get the diseases.  I feel the parvo vaccine should be given separately if possible, to avoid overloading the nervous system.  With our tiny dogs such as Chihuahuas and Yorkies, etc. we only give two shots and ½ a shot at that because when we do more, we often see problems develop such as seizures, etc. Why would you give a 1 pound Chihuahua the same amount of vaccine that is given to a St. Bernard or Newfoundlander? In titer testing, we find they have full immunity even with that small an amount so why take a chance of overloading their nervous systems when they are still protected?  I don’t give the rabies until 6 months of age, since it is the one that hits the nervous system the hardest and always with a homeopathic nosode or the Love Your Pets Calmers to offset the side effects.  The rabies vaccine can create pseudo rabies or the Mad Itch (Merck Veterinary Manual, 4th Edition, page 237), or strange behavior changes like aggression, shyness, etc. Some breeds are more sensitive than others to the Rabies shot such as Belgians, Chow Chows, Australian Shepherds, and etc. ones that are already prone to natural aggression or shyness.  Rottweilers are particularly sensitive to most vaccines, needing something to offset the side effects of Rabies. 

     I only give my dogs’ one booster at 1 year for all shots and then run yearly titer tests (the blood test that reveals the degree of immunity by the level of antibodies in the blood serum).  When questioning experts on immunology, they tell me “the animals do not lose antibodies, we just give the shots yearly because they weaken”, but no one can tell me how they weaken.  My veterinarian called the vaccine company to ask them how long the vaccines for all animals hold.  They admitted that they knew the Tetanus shots in horses held for at least 5 years, but told her they didn’t know on all others because they had never tested any of them!  UNBELIEVABLE!!  The blood tests we have run show the opposite, that they do not weaken or disappear for at least six years when vaccinated according to my

schedule.  The purpose of a vaccination is to give the animal immunity, so as long as my animals’ blood titers show they are fully immune, I refuse to overload their systems by giving more.  All of my animals have held their blood titers high for all vaccines for at least 6 years.  Many of the holistic veterinarians I talk to are also beginning to feel that we are over vaccinating the animals, causing skin and other problems.  Rabies titers are processed by the Veterinary School in Kansas .



  WORM ONLY WHEN YOU FIND WORMS .  Remember, it takes poison to kill parasites, so there is always a stress on the liver, the processing and filtering plant of the body.  Daily worming leaves toxic residues in the liver, never allowing it to rest or repair itself.  We are seeing some serious health problems in horses with the daily wormer, such as symptoms of gradual poisoning, lethargy, bouts of diarrhea, coordination problems and un-diagnosable lameness and body soreness, usually seen when liver toxicity occurs.  A toxic liver is not detectable by standard medical tests. WORMING SHOULD NEVER BE DONE ON PREGNANT OR LACTATING MOTHER ANIMALS.  Worming and shots should be done over 30 days before breeding and not again until after the baby is weaned as the chemicals can pass through the milk and cause neurological problems and even death.  One of the milder wormers is Strongid-T, the liquid horse wormer (also available under the name of Nemex in tablet and liquid).  If you have multiple animals like I do, you can get a prescription from your veterinarian to purchase it in larger quantities from some of the animal supply houses; Strongid T is given at one CC per 10 pounds of body weight in the dog.  They lap it up.  It gets rid of round worms, hooks and strongyles, a real problem for show dogs and those from animal shelters, especially those from California .  Stryongyles are parasites that have migrated from horses to dogs and look like a transparent hair under a microscope, and can only be detected by a direct rectal smear.  Many veterinarians are misdiagnosing the symptoms as parvo, but they are very distinctly different.  They can attack people who handle infected animals the same way and are also killed by the Strongid T liquid also known as Anthelban V or pyrantel pamoate. Strongyloidosis is described in the Merck Veterinary Manual.  Strongyloidosis exhibits itself by a yellowish stool (it is stripping the fat from the body, so the bowels are yellow with fat).  If it hits a litter of pups, you will see them desperately going after the stools of each other, trying to get the badly needed fat back into their system, only to be consuming more and more of the parasite.  They remain active and normal until just before they die.  If strongyles get into your kennel or property you will never get them out, but you can avoid problems if you start worming with Strongid-T at about 3 weeks of age and worm every 2 weeks until they are about 3 months old  when they start developing immunity. It takes about 5-7 days to kill dogs, usually from pneumonia as the parasite is originally ingested through the nose into the lungs after sniffing the stool of an infected animal.  Parvo, however, is an airborn virus that immediately causes lethargy, loss of appetite and bloody, strong smelling diarrhea that kills them in about 24 hours.  Parvo is not a parasite, but a virus that attacks the lining of the intestinal wall, causing them to hemorrhage from the intestinal wall and quickly dehydrate from throwing up.  We are so lucky to have the Herbal Extract that kills viruses, for there really is no other treatment for Parvo other than supporting them to stop the bleeding and dehydration.   They either make it or they don’t, depending on their basic health. 

HEARTWORM: Here in the Northwest, it is not really a problem.  I only know of 2 cases brought in by animals from the Southeast.  In the climates where it is a problem, the monthly wormer is the easiest on the liver.  You can also determine the milligram dose needed for a dog, get the Ivermectin for horses and give the proper amount to the dog. That is cheaper than the once a month wormer.  Collies and Shelties often have a problem with the binder in the once a month wormer, so consult your veterinarian before using it.



A weak immune system will render the animal unable to throw them off.  When we do all we can to build the immune system of the mother during pregnancy with the IMMUNE FORMULA, and do the same for the offspring as soon as they go on solid food where the IMMUNE FORMULA can be added, we see NO PARASITES IN THE BABIES.   Whenever you do any worming, I recommend detoxifying the animals as soon as possible and rebuilding the liver.  I have found only one thing that gets rid of tapeworms and that is Droncit or Praziquantel.  Tapeworm eggs are carried by fleas.  They tell you you can’t get the dog ones, but I have been fighting one in my head for over two years.  They are harder to kill in people than in animals. We use Praziquantel (also known as Droncit for animals) to kill them. I have tried all the wormers on the market, but the ones I have mentioned are the only ones I found that have worked.


GELATIN CAPSULES size 00, 1000 to a package                                         $25.00

Encapsulating machine for OO Capsules                                                           15.00

ONCOLYN      60 capsules per bottle                                                                45.00

POWERED SOY SUPPLEMENT (18 powerful amino acids contained in the soy peptides plus 14% Shark Cartilage) This product has proven effective in correcting or stabilizing many diseases such as Cancer (shark cartilage has been proven to cut off blood supply to tumors), blood problems such as improving circulation, blood pressure and heart problems (works similar to our enzymes plus and the body’s clot buster, Nattokinase, which is also derived from soy), affects the body hormone balance, improves circulation, effective against viruses,  but most of all to me, a diabetic, it works on blood sugar levels.  For over a year I have not been able to get my blood sugar below 270 due to stress and other factors, but during my most stressful period, it brought my blood sugar down to 145.  This may seem high, but for me it is the best I have ever had in the past 5 years.           1 pound--$90.00

Roll of pH test strips (can test up to 150 times)                                                 12.00

STABILIZED  OXYGEN:When drops are added to water, it will raise the oxygen level in the blood stream.  A molecule of oxygen is bonded to a molecule of sodium to be carried into the digestive system to be released in the blood stream.  Never take in any acidic juice as it breaks the bond, releasing the oxygen in the juice, thus never reaching your blood stream. Recommend 10 drops as needed. This is helpful, because disease cannot live in the presence of oxygen.   $ 15.00                                                                      

Yunnan Paiya  1-6 capsule tray or bottle of powder.                     $10.00 each

Helps control nose bleeds and bleeding from injuries.  This product was developed by a company in the Yunnan Province of China to stop or control bleeding in soldiers that were wounded until they could get medical intervention.

Zapper - A hand held device that stops the sting of bees, mosquitoes and other insects and helps prevent the spread of poison from dangerous snake and insect bites. Developed for missionaries when in the jungles where medical intervention is not possible.                                                            $ 30.00            

Two very important Homeopathic items that should be on everyone’s shelf and in every one’s vehicle, are Arsenicum Album that stops food poisoning and Pyrogenium that stops poisoning from everything else.

 Each bottle comes with a dispenser so you can get the pellets out of the bottle without touching them as you drop them on the tongue.  It is very important not to handle the pellets because it will contaminate them.   This works the same for animals as it does for people.  Our Chihuahua was foaming and convulsing non stop after she had eaten a bee that had been killed by Black Flag poison.  She recovered quickly when we gave her the Pyrogenium.  Our veterinarian (second generation veterinarian) said he had never seen a dog survive Black Flag poisoning before.  She is 11 years old and seizure free as long as she gets our Nerve and Muscle formula and eats within every 24 hours to keep up her blood sugar.

Each bottle is        $10.00

We now ship by US postal service either by Priority mail, regular or flat rate, or parcel post. The need for faster service became especially important after closing the center in Kentucky so that all orders now originate from our Oregon office.  We are happy that Priority mail makes faster delivery to the East Coast possible, so we ship by priority regular or priority flat rate and only use parcel post, for larger orders which takes just about the same delivery time as UPS or Fedex, but at a much lower rate.   In order to keep your cost as low as possible, we are no longer charging a percentage for shipping and handling, but will stay close to what the post office actually charges us.  There will be an extra charge for COD or overnight delivery, but again, only what the post office charges us. 

All sales are final once they are opened.   Since herbs are a food, we cannot take any item back once the seal is broken.  For all unopened product returns, a restocking fee of 10% plus the shipping costs we were charged in getting the order to you will be deducted from your refund.

 There will be no refunds or exchanges after 30 days.

A $36.00 yearly subscription to my newsletter will also entitle you to 10% off all products, except convenience items.  First time subscribers also receive a free copy of my book, “SEASONS, MY JOURNEY THROUGH THE THREE DIMENSIONS OF NATURAL HEALING”.  The book fully explains the Simian 40 virus and the diseases it causes such as Chronic Fatigue/Fibromyalgia/Epstein Bar, Hepatitis C, Lupus, AIDS, Non-Hodgkins lymphoma, and other diseases such as Cancer, and Cerebral Palsy as well as the emotional aspects of illness.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Beatrice Lydecker-Hayford

Born in Long Island , New York , Beatrice has always lived with and been interested in animals.  Educated at Columbia International University , in South Carolina , she also completed two years Post Graduate work in Science in the Pre-Med course at California State Polytechnic University in Pomona , California .  For many years she maintained her certification as an Emergency Medical Technician and continues to use her skills as a volunteer with the American Red Cross along with her husband, in Disaster relief. 

In 1969, Beatrice discovered she had a unique ability to communicate mentally with animals.  She has been tested extensively by many veterinarians, Doctors, and educators, which resulted in their endorsement.  Her story is related in her most recent book, YOU TOO CAN TALK WITH THE ANIMALS where you can Explore the Fun and Mystery of Communicating with Animals.  In Part I you will find a complete revision and update of her first book, WHAT THE ANIMALS TELL ME.  Changes over the years necessitated a complete revision and the need for new ideas.  Part II is a smoothing of STORIES THE ANIMALS TELL ME plus a fun new chapter “Pets Say and do the Darndest Things”, all about the crazy things animals have told her and done throughout her career as an animal communicator.  She says, “I’m sure you will enjoy the stories as much as I did living them!” Part III is probably the most important part of this exciting new book.  It is called “How to Talk with the Animals”, by “Learning the Animals Language and How to Use It”.  The techniques can also be used to help nonverbal people, such as comatose victims, autistic or handicapped individuals and in helping to locate lost animals or people.  She did her best to make the techniques as simple as possible so that anyone who has the desire will be able to use those skills and talk with the animals too.  There is a 2 hour DVD available showing clips of her television appearances and her COMMUNICATION SEMINAR that teaches the viewer how to do what she does.  Her mental communication with non verbal people as well as with the animals has opened a whole new approach to their understanding and treatment. 

Beatrice is not just a renowned animal psychologist, but is also an author, television personality and lecturer on holistic animal and human nutrition which is chronicled in her book “SEASONS, MY JOURNEY THROUGH THE THREE DIMENSIONS OF NATURAL HEALING.”  Her natural healing newsletters have been well received and can be viewed along with all her products on her website

 www.bealydecker.com .  She now resides in the Portland, Oregon area where she conducts her private counseling practice, manages her own herbal and nutritional supplement business known as Living Free products for People and animals and Love Your Pets products for animals only, as Bea Lydecker’s Naturals, Inc. where she is helping people and animals find health and healing.

Beatrice has appeared on many television and radio shows over the past years and used to have her own radio and cable television show.  These appearances include several OPRAH WINFREY SHOWS, JOHNNY CARSON, DINAH SHORE SHOW, JOAN RIVERS SHOW, THE TOMORROW SHOW, and several appearances on DAVID LETTERMAN, IN SEARCH OF, TO TELL THE TRUTH and too many more to mention.  Her foreign appearances in Canada includes the DON HARRON SHOW, CANADA AFTER DARK, TAKE THIRTY, CROSS COUNTRY and in Holland the TINEKA SHOW.  In England she has appeared on the BARBARA WOODHOUSE IN HOLLYWOOD, THE DAVE HILL SHOW, SATURDAY CHILDRENS SHOWS and THE LAST RESORT.  Countless articles have been written about her work by the press in every major newspaper and magazines in many countries around the world as well as ones in the United States such as THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, LOS ANGELES TIMES, THE ENQUIRER, US, STAR,  DOG WORLD, CAT FANCY and PEOPLE MAGAZINE.  There are too many more publications to list here.  She has been the keynote speaker at many animal and holistic conferences on natural healing. 

Beatrice, remains active in the business, and breeding, raising and showing their Belgian Tervurens, Chinese Cresteds and Chihuahuas .  She is working on another book and a DVD on natural approach to breeding, whelping and raising dogs.  It will also include pointers on how to treat many of the problems specific to smaller dogs such as hypoglycemia, tube feeding, and much, much more.



 April 16, 1931 - December 25, 2011


It is with a very heavy heart that I write this newsletter, but I want everyone to know what happened with the hope that it will prevent others from losing their loved ones and going through what we did over the past 6 months.  Please read all of it as you will recognize many of the symptoms some of you or a friend or loved one is now experiencing. The most important thing I have learned is that when you have acid reflux, SOMETHING IS OUT OF BALANCE IN YOUR SYSTEM.  YOU NEED TO FIND IT AND CORRECT IT, NOT KEEP PUTTING MORE AND BIGGER BANDAGES ON IT SO TO SPEAK, LIKE TAKING MORE AND MORE PROTONICS - ACID FIGHTERS LIKE OMEPRAZOL OR PRILOSEC.  That stuff is not candy, but doctors treat it like it is.  I AM TOTALLY CONVINCED THAT THIS IS WHAT KILLED Paul, along with doctor errors.  He had acid reflux for over forty years, but never had an ulcer.  He pretty much controlled it with Tums, baking soda and watching his diet, avoiding spicy foods. The worse side effect of the acid reflux was the need to periodically dilate his throat where scar tissue formed from the acid a simple and quick procedure done in the doctor’s office.  Had he continued on dealing with it that way and never followed the doctor’s advice, I know he would still be alive today.

Three years ago, Paul’s doctor suggested he start taking a protonic, either Omeprazol or Prilosec which he said is perfectly safe, so Paul did.  This was the first big mistake.  Within months, he started experiencing all the side effects of that drug, such as wheezing, mental confusion, unusual tiredness, headaches, and tightness in the chest and stomach pains.  We just never connected it to the Omeprazol because the Doctor kept telling us it was just that he was aging and the pill was safe.  Over a period of a year the symptoms increased in intensity so the doctor decided to do a scope and an MRI.  They found irritation to the throat from the reflux that obviously hadn’t stopped, even with the pill.  In spite of the fact that he didn’t experience the reflux symptoms, and a mass attached to or next to his pancreas, scar tissue that a seat belt had created during a severe car accident 44 years ago.  His doctor suggested a biopsy but told him that the procedure would probably kill him, or they could remove it which would also probably kill him.  Since it had been there for 44 years, these procedures scared Paul, so he declined and went on our Herbal treatment for cancer, just as a precaution.  Several months later, his doctor asked him if he had lost weight, to which he replied “no” to because he had actually gained weight.  The doctor’s remark was, “well it couldn’t have been cancer then”, so we assumed he was safe from cancer.  Over the next couple of years, Paul had the mass checked and since it never grew and he felt good except for the weird side effects of the pill, we ignored it.  For the next year, he was in and out of the hospital with severe vomiting and stomach pain both of which are side effects of Omeprazol and Priolsec and each time, their answer was to double up on the pills.  He would temporarily feel better, come home and again the symptoms and vomiting returned.  Finally in June of 2011 they again did a scope and found an ulcerated Duodenum which is at the opening into the small intestines.  They treated that for H Pylorie bacteria which they found at that time and increased the protonics.  We thought he was getting better after the trip to Alaska, but within a couple of weeks of returning home, the Duodenal Ulcer burst and he had to have emergency surgery to patch it.  Why they left a small opening at the site, I don’t know, but it eventually created an gelatinous abscess that extended from his liver to his groin, which harbored so much bacteria that even the tube they put in  to drain it couldn’t do its job.  All they could kept telling me was, “he is old, let him go, pull his feeding tube and let him die in peace”.  I cannot tell you how that hurt because he was a strong man with a strong will to live.  He kept saying, “I am ready to meet God but not ready to leave my wife and my children”.  He fought hard so I refused to help him die.  I tried to move him from that hospital, but couldn’t get him out of there until finally they sent him to a rehab facility.  While there, he started to get better, then would crash, got better and crashed again. The doctor’s answer every time was to give more Protonic and anti biotics.  He gradually became weaker and sicker because of the abscess, to the point that he ended up back in the hospital, but this time we got to the right hospital or so we thought.  There we learned from a nuclear test (he didn’t have to have a biopsy after all) that the mass or the pancreas was producing a hormone that causes the body to produce excess acid.  It is called a Gastronome, a rare form of malignant or non malignant tumor that forms on the pancreas either from the scar tissue or formed on parts of the spleen that didn’t get removed during the spleenectomy.  These doctors at Legacy Emanuel told us that they could successfully remove the mass as soon as he was strong enough as they had privileges with one of the two expert surgeons in Oregon who could safely do the operation.  Had we been informed of this by the previous doctors, when he was strong enough to have the surgery, he would have done the proper procedures, but because the previous hospital and their doctors didn’t have privileges with those physicians, they never recommended it. Much to our dismay, he was now too weak and the more severe side effects of the protonics had kicked in. Those side effects of the Omeprazol that he experienced were Duodenal and Esophageal ulcers, SEVERE INFLAMMATION OF THE PANCREAS, this drove the scar tissue which had been there 44 years, to act up and increase the overproduction of acid creating the gastrinoma in that scar tissue which was attached to the end of the pancreas.  They never proved that there was any cancer. Now the lining of the stomach was pretty well gone, liver enzymes were up and the kidneys were taking a hit.  In the list of side effects, killing the kidneys is the most severe and final fatal stage side effect of that drug, which is exactly what killed him in the end, kidney failure.  All the time this was happening, their answer was to give him the protonics by IV in a constant drip.  Now we know, they were actually infusing him with what to him, equaled poison. 

There are some other problems you need to be aware of with the use of those drugs. 

1.      Your body needs the Hydrochloric acid in the stomach to break down protein and calcium  When you block the production of that acid, you can become malnourished, especially protein, iron, magnesium and calcium deficient, which is exactly what happened to Paul, something he had never experienced before Omeprazol.  When this happens, the body says, “wait! I need acid to break down your food,” so it produces more acid to overcome that blockage.  This becomes a vicious cycle as the doctors tell you to take more and more of the drug, the body produces more and more of the acid and it just escalates from there.  Paul experienced that process after he started taking the drug, eventually contributing to his death. 

2.      You don’t need to block acid production, you need to control it so it doesn’t do damage.  This can be done by taking Gaviscon, which protects the esophagus and stomach lining. Baking soda in a little water or calcium carbonate (Tums) will also neutralize the acid safely. The calcium carbonate in Tums is what is needed for neutralizing stomach acid, but for your major source of calcium intake you want to use a food source that your body can more easily absorb such as calcium citrate.  One quick side note, TO PREVENT OSTEOPOROSIS, you MUST KEEP YOUR pH at 7 to 7.5. The blood pH must remain at that level to keep your organs functioning well, so a blood test will not tell you what is going on in your complete system.  If it drops, (caused when your system becomes acidic) your body will then pull calcium out of your bones to maintain the proper balance, causing osteoporosis.  Testing your saliva and or urine will tell you what is going on in your overall system so check it often.  We have test strips that only cost $10.00 and will give you about 100 tests.    

3.      Find out what is out of whack in your system.  If there is a tumor somewhere in the body, even if it is as small as a pea, can cause the body to produce the hormone that pushes over production of acid.  The nuclear test can find it and when safely removed, will stop the excess acid production.  There can also be another imbalance, such as hormone, nutritional, or a toxin in the body such as exposure to herbicides or heavy metals.  Find out what it is and treat it like one of my clients did.  Her daughter nearly died from the protonics until they found out she didn’t produce any progesterone.  When they supplemented it, the acid reflux went away as well as other health concerns.  Don’t just put a bandage on the problem, like Omeprazol, Prilosec, Nexium, etc. but remove the source of the acid reflux.  The medicine can kill you faster than anything else.  It took almost three years to kill Paul.  We just never connected the two.  Don’t let it happen to you.

4.      Another bad side effect is that it can eventually cause a heart attack.  Being an athlete when he was young, Paul always had a strong, healthy heart, but he had a minor heart attack last September.  They found a small blood vessel had collapsed, they opened it and his heart was strong again until he died. 

5.      Another side effect is seizures.  Our daughter hadn’t had seizures since she was a child, just seemed to outgrow them.  Her doctor started her on Priolsec and Omeprazol and within weeks, she started having grand mal seizures, swelling of the hands and feet, terrible weight gain and bloating of her stomach all side effects of these drugs.  The doctors couldn’t find the cause, but when I read that seizures can be a side effect of that drug, I told her husband to take her off the medication.  He did and for the past 6 months she has not had another grand mal seizure.  Sad to say, the seizures left her with brain damage and no short term memory and is she still bloated.


I’ve been complaining for years that taking aspirin every day is dangerous to the lining of the stomach.  The salicylic ACID, (the key word is that it is an acid) burns holes in the stomach every time you take one and you can lose up to a teaspoon of blood with each dose. Besides that, IT ISN’T THE ASPIRIN THAT THINS THE BLOOD, BUT THE MAGNESIUM IN THE ASPIRIN, because Magnesium is a natural blood thinner.  You are also  taking Mercury into your system with each pill as ALL MEDICATION (aspirin is a medicine, not a vitamin pill) is preserved with mercury.  If you want a cleaner, safer way to keep your blood thin and clean of clots, take MAGNESIUM, A NATURAL NUTRIENT THAT COMES FROM FRESH VEGETABLES, A NUTRIENT MOST PEOPLE, and ESPECIALLY WOMEN, ARE DEFICIENT IN.   I recently read an article about the dangers of aspirin from which I will quote as I feel it is important to understand its use better.  “New research shows that aspirin is not for everyone and that in some patients this so-called wonder drug is doing more harm than good.  “I stop a lot more aspirin than I start,” said Dr. Alison Bailey, director of the cardiac rehabilitation program at the Gill Heart Institute at the University of Kentucky.  “People don’t even consider aspirin a medicine or consider that you can have side effects from it.  That’s the most challenging part of aspirin therapy.  They hear aspirin is good, so they take an aspirin,” Bailey said. “They don’t think of it as something that could potentially cause harm.”Researchers in London reported that they had analyzed randomized studies of aspirin use in the US, Europe and Japan that included more than 100,000 participants.  They found that regular aspirin users were about 30 percent more likely to have a serious gastrointestinal bleeding event, a side effect of frequent aspirin use.  The overall risk of dying during the study was the same among the aspirin users and those who didn’t use the drug and had heart episodes.  Overall, for every 162 people who took aspirin, the drug prevented one non fatal heart attack but caused about two serious bleeding episodes.  “We have been able to show quite convincingly that in people without a previous heart attack, or stroke, regular use of aspirin may be more harmful than it is beneficial,” said Dr. Sreenivasa Seshasai of the Cardiovascular Sciences Research Center at St. George’s University of London.  However, as the risk of major bleeding episodes increases proportionately with an increase in benefit, physicians and patients must make carefully considered choices regarding long-term aspirin treatment.” 

    I have already had two bleeding ulcers (ulcers are basically caused from bacteria, not acid). I have never taken acid blockers because I don’t have an acid reflux problem and rarely ever take an aspirin because our Nerve and Muscle Formula usually relieves most pain, even headache, but when I do take aspirin, I take the coated, buffered kind to protect my stomach.  (By the way, for pain control be careful of taking very much Tylenol as it can destroy the liver like most medications can since they are all processed in and through the liver. Without your liver, you will die).  Even though nearly every one of my siblings and parents has died of heart disease, I take a daily dose of Magnesium as my natural blood thinner.  My checkups have been great.  The only thing I have is Premature Atrial Contractions, quite common in people as they age and basically not dangerous.  This is completely controlled by taking one or two of my Heart and Blood Vessel Capsules each day.  This formula also contains Magnesium and other ingredients to strengthen the heart and blood vessels.


There is nothing that clears up respiratory problems in cats faster, is safer and better than Vitamin C.  By giving them about 500 mg. of Vitamin C per day, most of them will clear up within a few days.  Don’t worry about the source.  Vitamin C is Vitamin C whether it says human or pet, but if it says pet, you will pay twice the amount for it.  We make a powdered one that is buffered with Calcium Ascorbate to make it more palatable, not sour.  I/4th teaspoon is 500 mg of Vitamin C, no fillers and easy to mix in food.  Remember to keep your litter boxes elevated so dogs can’t get into them.  Dogs love to clean the box because cat food is higher in fat than dogs food, so it is a treat.  You probably won’t break them of eating it so just elevate it.  Whatever you do, NO NOT USE LYSOL OR PINESOL around cats, birds and small dogs.  IT IS VERY TOXIC TO THEM, even after it dries as it leaves a residue on the surface.  Animals lay on it, groom themselves and ingest the toxins, so just use plain soap with a touch of bleach to kill germs and odors and you will be fine.  We have been using the anionic surfactant (safely breaks the bond between dirt and the surface it is on) cleaners such as Simple green.  Leaves everything smelling so clean, even makes the dog beds smell better when we wash them in it, especially the new fragrance of Spring Air. 

Another thing you may want to consider doing for yourself and for your animals in today’s world full of heavy metals in the air pollution and toxins in our foods is to try adding Zeolite to their water.  It is a natural product derived from the Sea that removes all heavy metals from the body, including Mercury, so common in the medicines we take, the amalgams in our teeth and what is in the pet foods.  It is safe, non toxic and does the job. 


Coconut water (a natural anti-biotic used during the war in the South Pacific because medicine was unavailable) and coconut oil are two nutrients that should be added to everyone’s daily diet.  There is a lot of new information pointing to the oil’s ability to stop Alzheimer’s and in some cases, has even reversed it.  It is wonderful for helping restore memory loss of all kinds.  I put some in my coffee every morning which gives it a wonderful taste. Because of all its benefits it is certainly worth trying especially as we age and experience memory loss. I’m not sure how it works in the brain, but it seems to work.  As we age, our brains shrink and so do our eyeballs adding to memory problems.  This is because we produce less and less Hyaluronic acid that keeps fluids in our body cells. One sign that you are losing it is paper thin skin that cuts and bruises easily. This nutrient is important because our brains and eyes consist mostly of Hyaluronic Acid.  As the eyes balls shrink, you will often see flashes of light in your peripheral vision which is cleared up when the Hylavision restores hydration to the eye ball.  If we don’t keep the brain hydrated, and one falls or hits their head, the brain will bang against the skull and cause brain damage.  As we age, we need to prevent and restore nutrients our bodies no longer make.  We often become deficient in Folic Acid which can cause restless leg syndrome a condition easily corrected with one or two tiny pills a day, found in most stores that sell vitamins. The doctors will just give you muscle relaxers instead of what your body really needs.


We have wonderful, clean water where I live in the country, no one uses pesticides anywhere in the area, but it is hard water which leaves stains in the toilet.  I have used lime away and other cleaners, but that and bleach is just bad for our septic tanks, so I thought if Oxy clean removes stains from clothes, I wonder what it would do for the toilet!  Besides, those cleaners that color the water and cover up the stains and harsh cleaning chemicals aren’t good for dogs that get in there and drink that cool, fresh water that comes in when you flush it, so I put Oxyclean in there and let it soak overnight.  I was amazed to find the bowl clean, even of the lime stains.  The only thing left was a small, almost invisible ring around the top where the Oxyclean didn’t go, but as far as I am concerned, that is clean to me and SAFE for everyone, including my septic tank.  Try it, you’ll be amazed.

In closing, just a note to all dog lovers everywhere.  It seems that the authorities that are on witch hunts lately looking for animal hoarders.  The problem that is arising is that they are no longer looking just for hoarders, but are targeting all animal owners, especially kennel owners.  They are going about it with intimidation, strong arm tactics and with disregard for animal care, looking to see how they can extort more money from us.  If you are having problems, contact me and I will tell you your rights and give you the laws that make their number and breed limits. (Unconstitutional.) Put up no trespassing signs on your property and they cannot enter without a court order.  YOU DO NOT HAVE TO LET THEM IN.  When you do, many of them are filing false reports and tricking kennel owners into false records.  Be careful.  Call if you need help or want to band with us as we go after the dog control officers (I have a $50,000 lawsuit pending against them and am filing one against our county commissioners) and the county and state officials doing this to us.   

Well, until next time, Beatrice Lydecker-Hayford


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