This does the same thing the Herbal Extract does, but bypasses the stomach, entering the body through the blood vessels in the skin of the foot when you soak for about one hour per day. The sicker the body, the quicker it absorbs the solution which is used over and over until gone. An instruction DVD on how to do it comes with the bottle.  2 pints are equal to 2 2 oz bottles of Herbal Extract and 1 oz of BCCG. 2 Bottles are recommended to cover your feet.Zinc, Potassium, Barium, Iron, Sodium, Calcium, Copper, Chlorophyllin, Sanguinaria Canadensis, Impatiens pallida, Hydrasis Canadensis, Ferula galbaniflua, Hydrastus perforatium, Rubus villosus, Fumaria officinalis, Frasera carolinensia, Allicin, Garlic.

Foot Soak