Concentrated liquid herbal blend proven to be VERY effective in fighting viruses: colds, flu, Ebola, fungus (ex: Valley Fever), cancer, dissolving tumors, sebaceous cysts. It can be used topically to remove warts, moles, & other growths. Effective in killing Parvo & Kennel Cough viruses. An invaluable product for boarding kennels, animal control facilities & breeders. This is a potent product, taken in small amounts by drops & should be taken according to provided directions & always with food or fruit juice. The only side effect we have seen is nausea and/or stomach pain if taken with water or taken too much, too fast. If reactions occur or you experience flu-like symptoms, call the office & we will talk you through it. You can also back up a day or two until you feel better & then increase more slowly. This should be taken with Liver & Immune formula.

Saint John’s wort, blackberry, bloodroot, jewel-weed, goldenseal, galbanum, fumitory, elk weed, garlic, chlorophyll, trace minerals

Herbal Extract