Mostly used by asthmatics, emphysema, or anyone suffering from lung congestion. If taken before bed, it opens the bronchial tubes so that the user breathes deeper & rests better through the night. We call this product L&J because the lungs affect the ability of the body to eliminate excessive fluid buildup thus will leave the fluids in the joints. The lymph glands dump through the lungs as well as through the kidneys. The L&J formula will usually stop bleeding in race or performance horses that are called “bleeders”. L & J opens the alveoli because the Lobelia & mullein relax the pressure & lung spasms of bleeders, asthmatics & horses with heaves. Will not make you drowsy. No adverse reactions.Lung, coltsfoot, thyme, collagen, hyssop, mullein, Echinacea, pau’d arco, myrrh, lecithin, Irish moss, horseradish, lobelia, cayenne, parsley, vitamins E & C.

Lung & Joint