The Noni we use is a small evergreen tree found growing in virgin, mineral rich, organic lava beds along the coastlines & forests of Hawaii. Noni inhibits the K-ras-NRK cells, a precursor to certain types of cancer, effective against the Simian 40 virus, has been found to have analgesic properties & is a natural antiseptic effective against at least 7 different harmful bacteria. Xeronine is an alkaloid. This alkaloid causes the poly-peptides to cement together into strong protein chains, thus rebuilding the protein wall of the cells that have been damaged by the retro-virus, Simian 40 which had bonded with the cell RNA & destroyed it. Since it is not present in nature, the body must make it. When it can’t because of disease or natural aging affects, the Noni helps clean & repair the damaged cells, it also rebuilds immune cells, stimulates the immune system. The only side effect we have observed is stomach discomfort when taken without food or occasional diarrhea when you first start.