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Bea Lydecker


Born in Long Island, New York, Beatrice has always lived with and been deeply interested in animals. After earning her BA from Columbia International University, in South Carolina, she completed two years Post Graduate work in Science in the Pre-Med course at California State Polytechnic University in Pomona, California.


For many years she maintained her certification as an Emergency Medical Technician and used her skills as a volunteer with the American Red Cross, in Disaster relief.

In 1969, Beatrice discovered she had a unique ability to communicate mentally with animals. She has been tested extensively by many veterinarians, doctors, and educators, resulting in their endorsements.


Beatrice is not just a renowned animal psychologist and communicator, but is also an author, television personality and lecturer on holistic animal and human nutrition. Beatrice also writes well received natural healing newsletters.


She now resides in the Portland, Oregon area where she conducts her private counseling practice and manages her own herbal and nutritional supplement business; (Living Free products and Love Your Pets products), as Bea Lydecker’s Naturals, Inc..


Beatrice has appeared on many television and radio shows over the years and has hosted her own radio and cable television shows. Guest appearances include several Oprah Winfrey shows, several appearances on David Letterman, Johnny Carson, The Dinah Shore Show, The Joan Rivers Show, NBC's The Tomorrow Show with Tom Snyder, In Search Of To Tell The Truth and many more.


Her foreign appearances include the Don Harron Show, Canada After Dark, Take Thirty and Cross Country in Canada and in Holland The Tineka Show. In England she has appeared on the Barbra Woodhouse In Hollywood, The Dave Hill Show, Sarurday Childrens' Shows and The Last Resort.


She has been the keynote speaker at many animal and holistic conferences on natural healing. Although now in her 70’s, Beatrice remains active in the herbal business. When Beatrice can get away, she enjoys taking extensive trips all around the world. If you see her on the highway in her motor home, (her name prominently on the sides), share a wave and hello. She loves meeting you and your animals in person.

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